The Tropic Fleet Services fuel card is a charge card that ...

The Tropic Fleet Services fuel card is a charge card that ...

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Card Controls

  • Allocation by Product:

    Tropic Fleet Service fuel cards allows you to limit card purchases to specific categories of product (such as diesel fuel only). Guarantee driver only purchase the specific grade of fuel assigned.
  • Allocation by Total Purchase per product:

    Quantity allocation by Product lets you specify limits on total gallons purchased per product per car per month, or other defined time frame.
  • Dollar Restriction:

    Tropic Fleet Services fuel cards allows you to limit card purchase to specific Dollar amount. This is a customize feature that will allow you to control the actual dollar amount drivers can spend per transaction, day, month or billing cycle on account.
  • Date/Time Activation Control:

    This feature lets you determine the date and /or time card usage can commence and end. (Highly useful when cards are for seasonal workers and other contractors).
  • Customized 4-diget PIN Numbers:

    Our fuel cards lets you choose your own Personal identification Number for easier recall and tighter control.
  • Flexibility in Resetting Limits, Validation or Invalidation Access:

    With our fuel cards, usage parameters such as adding or deleting a product can be changed from your office with a phone call and be in effective in minutes. No fee for the change or waiting for new cards to be issued. What’s more, within minutes of your call, access by new drivers can be validated…or access invalidated for drivers you no longer employ.
  • Vehicle and Driver Identification Reporting:

    You personalize account configuration will provide detail , accurate, easy to read analysis information that identifies both driver and vehicle activity.
  • Two Card Access Control System ( the premier fuel purchase system):

    We are one of few organizations capable of issuing an aces fuel card for both vehicle and driver, whereby both have to be present at the dueling event in order to activate the dispenser.
  • Video Surveillance at Select Locations:

    We employ security cameras to help eliminate driver fraud and abuse of a fuel purchasing card. This helps increase your employees safety while fueling.