1. Purchases will be for vehicle owned and operated by the purchaser.<hr
2. Minimum purchases of 2,400 gallons per year from all fuel sources is required if CLASS 1 FLAMMABLES (gas) are purchased.
3. Purchaser shall be responsible for all purchases by Purchaser or any other person using cardlock cards issued to Purchaser, regardless of whether use by any other person is unauthorized or fraudulent.
4. If there is any change in the ownership of Purchaser or if substantially all of the assets of Purchaser are sold, Purchaser shall promptly notify Supplier of such sale and Supplier shall have a lien on all the assets of Purchaser and a lien on the proceeds of such sale to secure payment of all outstanding sums owing to Supplier.
5. Purchaser represents that it and any person using the cardlock cards delivered to Purchaser are and shall be aware of the proper use of the cardlock system and shall use safe practices in compliance with the regulations of the local Fire Code in the handling of the fuels dispensed from the cardlock system. Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold Supplier harmless from any claims and costs including, but expressly not limited to, those for bodily injury and property damage which may be occasioned by the negligence or misuse of the cardlock system by Purchaser or any person using the cardlock system with cardlocks cards delivered to Purchaser hereunder.
6. Supplier shall use its best efforts to maintain the cardlock system in good working order and condition at its expense provided however, Supplier shall not be responsible for any damage or loss which may result from its failure to provide fuel or the failure of the carlock system in any manner whatsoever. Purchaser agrees that it and any person using the cardlock cards delivered to Purchaser shall promptly notify Supplier of any malfunctioning of the cardlock system of which Purchaser or such person is aware.
7. Purchaser’s right to purchase fuel through the cardlock system may be terminated immediately upon any breach of any of the terms hereof or of any other agreement with Supplier. Upon termination Purchaser agrees to immediately surrender all cardlock cards issued to Purchaser and to immediately pay all outstanding sums owing to Supplier. Supplier shall refund any deposit to Purchaser when all cards are returned and all amounts owing to Supplier are paid in full.
8. In the event of a breach of any of the terms of this agreement or any other agreement between Purchaser and Supplier, including but expressly not limited to the failure to pay sums owing to Supplier when due, then in addition to any other sums due or payable to Supplier by Purchaser, is filed and if suit or action is filed to enforce the rights of Supplier then such further sum as the court may adjudge reasonable as attorney fees at trial or on appeal of such suit or action in addition to all other sums provided by law.
9. In the event that any legal action is required to collect on this account venue for such legal matters will be determined by Supplier.
10. All terms and conditions of this Agreement and Guaranty are intended to cover Purchaser’s account as well as all Purchasers’ branch accounts whether set up now or in the future.